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European Beer Bloggers Conference – Dublin 2014

It’s just over a week until the European Beer Bloggers Conference kicks off on Fri 27th June (with a pub crawl the night before showcasing the best craft bars Dublin has to offer). Although there will be seasoned beer bloggers with thousands of followers who have done hundreds of posts over years, I’m glad I can be invited into the conference as a blogger despite my few posts (only 12 so far) and tentative steps in doing this sort of thing. It’s the first time I’ve been and I’m certainly looking forward to some of the blogging sessions and taking away some ideas to push this blog forward.

I tried some video beer reviewing a couple of years and uploaded around 50 or so reviews, but ditched the idea as I realised it was rather boring for some folk watching someone waffling on about some beer for 7 or 8 minutes.  Blogging seems a better idea as the reader can just scan the article in a few seconds and decide whether it’s worth bothering with – but blogging for me takes a lot more effort than yapping into a web cam for a few minutes and drinking beer, then doing some minor video editing afterwards (although my production standards were very minimal!)

Most of my beer ‘writing’ is adding reviews on rateBeer of which I aim to hit the 2000th one during the conference….it’s certainly going to be a good couple of days for beer ticking/reviewing. However, it’s really just writing tasting notes which follow the same format, with the same old snippets being constantly recycled. It’s a useful resource, despite it flaws, and I certainly encourage more beer folk to contribute to the site, especially in Ireland.

Anyway, back to the blogger’s conference…..I’ve downloaded the WordPress apps on to my iPad and Galaxy S3 phone and I’ll be ‘attempting'(!) to live blog it over the 2 days of the conference (apart from the pre-conference pub crawl)….hope the Wi-fi will be working! I’ll be rateBeerating the beers too so I’ll add some observations from there to the blog.

It’ll be great to meet fellow beer bloggers, brewers and enthusiasts contributing to this rapidly blossoming Irish craft beer scene, meet the real people behind twitter handles,  have a few beers and generally have a good time.