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Franciscan Well Rebel Red 4.3%

The Franciscan Well Brewery in Cork was founded in 1998 built on the site of a Franciscan Monastery. Recently this January, Molson Coors bought the brand and micro-brewery to join their portfolio of other breweries such as Sharp’s and beers such as Worthington’s White Shield.

I saw two Franciscan Well beers in Tesco’s, Longford – the first one for review is the Rebel Red. The label states it has 1.4 units (UK) and 1.1 units (ROI) for a 330ml bottle at 4.3% so it seems I’m allowed a bit more beer here in Ireland.

The beer pours a red amber colour, clear, with a thin off white head that dissipated to a rim around the glass.

20131121_233833The nose has soft caramel malts, light berry fruits and a slight touch of red apple. The flavour is similar to the nose with soft quite light textured sweet fruity caramel malts, some soft berry fruits with a hint of red apple skin and a little hedgerow hop bitterness. The palate is fairly sweet malty, moderate carbonation, light to medium body and the beer carries on with the main flavour with some soft fruity caramel malts in the finish.

It’s a easy going beer with soft delicate flavours and one of the best I’ve come across in the style. I actually forgot that I tried this on keg in Sligo a couple of months ago – my rating was exactly the same as for the bottle tried today.  A good example of an Irish Red Ale.